Integrity Checker

Integrity Checker

validate file data stored on your server

What is Integrity Checker?


Integrity Checker is a software add-in for Microsoft Home and Business server which runs quietly, efficiently, and automatically watching for new and changed files on your server. As files are detected, Integrity Checker automatically generates SHA-1 cryptographic hash-stamps to be used to validate the integrity of your file data.


How can Integrity Checker work for you?


Follow the simple installation process and select the server folders containing the files you wish to validate. Integrity Checker continuously runs in the background of your server creating SHA-1 cryptographic hash stamps for all of your new and changed files; storing these hash values in a private database on your server. At any time, you can request a validation scan which will compare the current SHA-1 hash of each file to the previously known SHA-1 hash.


What platforms does Integrity Checker support?


The Integrity Checker software supports Microsoft Windows Server platforms from Windows Home Server V1 though Windows Server 2012 Essentials.


Where can I find more details about the Integrity Checker software?


Continue reading below to review product features and see screen-shots of the software. You can browse our support blog for details on installing, using, and maintaing the software.  Finally, you can purchase or download a trial of the software.


  • Integrity Checker features

    • Supports Windows Small Business Server 2012 Essentials
    • Supports Windows Home Server 2011
    • Supports Windows Home Server (V1)
    • Supports Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Standard
    • 160-bit SHA-1 hash stamping for optimum integrity
    • Automatic, real-time continuous integrity generation
    • Run an integrity scan any time you choose
    • Compare checksums of large downloads quickly and efficiently
    • Includes PC Client (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8) for easy checksum comparison
    • User selectable Shares
    • Easy to navigate Server add-in runs directly in the Server Console or Dashboard
    • User-configurable file detection: real-time, scheduled, or manual mode)
    • Integrity scan results integrated with Windows Clipboard for easy review
    • Multiple types of integrity scans: full system scan, folder scan, and individual file scan
    • 15 day free trial available
  • Standard

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  • Highlights:

    Simple and "always on"

    Once installed and configured, the Integrity Checker service quietly watches your servers file system for new and changed files; creating SHA-1 hash stamps for each file

    Easy to Use

    After a simple installation, you have easy access to all product features directly in your server Dashboard. Add and remove watched folders at any time; run integrity scans at any time


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    This add-in works great for me (running WHS 2011). Good peace of mind knowing I can run an extra scan on my valuable data files. My favorite use of this add-in is to verify SHA-1 hash values on large file downloads from the internet. I download a file and Integrity Checker automatically generates a SHA-1 hash that I can compare to the hash provided with the download to validate my downloaded file.


    Max S.

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    A great add-in for my home server.  I like knowing that I can run scans on my "always on" hard drives to verify my file data is readable and reliable.  I recommend.



    Jay K.